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Temple of Domitian (Domitian Fountain)

Temple to Domitian (Reconstruction)

During its history Ephesus was four times the Neochoros, that is, the place where the emperor's temple was situated. In those times to have the emperor's temple in the city was quite an honor.


Temple to DomitianEphesus won this right for the first time under Domitian (81-96 AD). In the southern part of Domitian's Square was a flat terrace 50 by 100m where the temple stood. Nothing much is left of it now but the size of the podium is known to have been 24 by 24m with eight rows of crepis. The temple was in prostyle formation. There were eight columns on the short sides and three on the long. There was also a platform 9 by 17m with four columns in front. The altar was 10m in front of the platform in a "U"Domitian Fountain (Reconstruction) shape with steps leading up to it. Part of the beautiful workmanship can be seen in the Ephesus Museum. In order to pay their debt of gratitude for locating the temple in their city, the Ephesians erected a statue of Domitian five meters tall in front of the temple. It was seven meters together with its pedestal. Parts of the statue are in the museum.