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The Eastern Gymnasium

The Eastern Gymnasium 

You will encounter the ruins of the Eastern Gymnasium on the Pion mountain side of Magnesia Gate.

This is a huge complex made by Damianus in the 2nd century A.D. for the purpose of educating young people of Ephesus on sports, music, astronomy and social skills. There are many young girl statues in the Izmir Archaeology Museum from this Gymnasium. That is why the building is also called "Girl's Gymnasium".

According to inscriptions, boys aged 6-16 were accepted for education in this school. It had baths, a courtyard, class rooms, an Emperor's hall and other facilities. There was an entrance to the structure on the east side with columns and triangular pediments.

The church in between the gymnasium and the car park is a round structure and is not the St.Lucas church as accepted widely.