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Harbour Street (Arcadian Avenue)

Harbour Street

The avenue from the theater to the harbor was called the Arcadian Avenue. Arcadius the son of the emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire, Theodosius (395-408), erected an inscription upon restoring the avenue to its present condition, hence the name of the avenue.

Arcadian Street (Reconstruction)The avenue is 500 m long and 11 m wide. On either side were covered shops in mosaic-floored porches.

The avenue was first built in the 1st century BC and was an avenue for parades. Highways coming from central Anatolia ended here. There were many visitors coming from over the seas with emperors and proconsuls entering the city via this avenue. The pictures below show several views of the avenue.

Harbour Street (Arcadian Street) Harbour Street (Arcadian Street) Columns at the Harbour Street (Arcadian Street) Take a look at to the end of the street Harbour Street (Arcadian Avenue)A nice view of Harbour Street from the Grand Theatre