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Magnesia Gate (Upper Gate, Eastern Gate)

Magnesia Gate (Eastern Gate)

There are two entrances to the city today. For an easy tour, begin at the Magnesia Gate (Upper Gate) located on the road going to the House of Mary. The photograph at the top is the Upper Gate. Under the trees is the gate the ruins. To the right of the gate are various stores and restaurants. One can also find parking space here.

Across the road from the gate is a field with remains of what was thought to be the grave of St. Luke, where a church was later built on top of a former temple.

Going down the road towards Selcuk is the actual Magnesia Gate itself, the only ancient gate still visible at Ephesus. It was first built in the city walls by Lysimachus in the 3rd century and magnificently restored by Vespasian (69-79). There was once a sacred road leading from the Temple to Artemis around Mt. Panayir to this gate. Damianus built this colonnaded road in the 2nd century.