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The Pollio Fountain

 Pollio Fountain

Pollio FountainThe fountain is on the east of Domitian Square, on the western edge of the agora. This is a splendid structure with a small pool and a large arch supporting a triangular capital. The water came from the agora through a semicircular apsidal in the wall. In the pool on a pedestal was a Polyphemos statue group, which is not on display in the Ephesus Museum. The statues were originally on the Temple to Isis, which later fell into ruin. The statues were then transferred to the fountain. The theme of the statues is the adventures of Polyphemus with the son of Poseidon after he moved to the Aegean following the Trojan Wars. According to an inscription on the fountain, it was built in 97 AD by C. Sextilius Pollio.