• The Temple of Hadrian, Ephesus - Turkey
  • The Celsus Library, Ephesus - Turkey
  • The House of Virgin Mary, Ephesus - Turkey

The Brothel (Bordello)

Just past the Temple to Hadrian is a structure that was turned into a Byzantine stoa in that period. Behind the stoa was a peristyle house used as brothel. It is supposed to have been connected by tunnel to the Celsus Library. The house is thought to have been built around 98 to 117 in the time of Trajan. Behind it was some restoration of parts of the Latrines and Scholasticia Baths. The building was identified by an inscription found in the latrine. The entrance was on the Marble Street with another door opening onto Curates Avenue. The second floor was completely destroyed. There is a well beside it on Curates' Avenue. Pottery figures that were found in the well are on display in the Museum.


 A sign which shows where the Bordello is on the Curates' Avenue Priapos from Phallos