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The Temple of Hadrian

This was a marvelous structure on Curate's Avenue. In was erected in 138 at the latest. It forms a simple naos structure with a plain monumental pronaos. At the front of the pronaos are four Corinthian columns with triangular capitals. There was an arch over the two central columns. In the center of the arch was a bust of the city goddess Tyche.

Temple to HadrianThe lentils of the temple door were decorated with pearl and egg motifs. The semicircular capital over the door there is a likeness of Medusa amidst acanthus leaves and flowers. The frieze on original lentil over the pronaos door is in the museum. When the temple was being restored copies were used in its place. The frieze is of four parts, the first three include gods and goddesses; Andorcles, the protector of Ephesus. Hunting wild boar; Amazon goddesses, and Amazons with Dionysius. The fourth part has Athena, the moon goddess Selene, a male Apollos, a female figure, Androcles, Heracles, and the wife and son of Theodosius. It is thought that this fourth block was taken from elsewhere and used here.

Temple to Hadrian Temple to Hadrian

The temple was dedicated to the emperor Hadrian by P. Quintillus in 138. The inscription is on the architrave. Four pedestals with inscriptions were found in front of the columns. The inscriptions show the same date and held four statues of Roman emperors, being Diocletian, Maximam, Constantine Chlorus and Galerius.

Friese Temple to Hadrian