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The Varius Bath

The Varius Baths

The bath was first built during the Hellenistic age. It has been enlarged and refurbished during the Roman and Byzantine periods. It is located to the north of the State Agora. The structure is still in good shape up to the vaults section.

The final design of the bath suits to classical Roman bath styles. It had three sections; the caldarium (hot section), the tepidarium (warm section) and the frigidarium (cold section). Limestone was used as building material. There were pipes inside the walls of the caldarium and the tepidarium to help the movement of the heated air through these sections.

The mosaic covered room was built in the 5th century A.D. and represents Byzantine era influence on inner decoration technique. A well known sophist, Flavius Damianus built the bath and kept a private room for himself and his wife.